• What an Experience… (day 31)

    When a friend asked me to participate in The Slice of Life journey I said yes because we were doing it together. I was scared because I am a science teacher and never considered myself a writer by any means. One day into the journey she backed out because her husband travels for work and was going to be gone a lot during the month. She thought I would be mad when she told me but I told her I was very proud of her for knowing her limits and having the strength to say no.

    I still wanted to do this and I was still scared. I reached out the the teachers in our district who were in charge of this experience and other teachers that have done this before. They all helped me get on the right path. I started reading so many different post and through this I believe I became a better writer. Some of the post gave me ideas about what to write about and others show me how to share my emotions through words. Many of you out there are AMAZING writers-WOW!

    I am so glad I did this and plan on doing it again. Thank you for all the comments on my posts as well.

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  • What I Learned… (day 30)

    This experience has taught me so much. It has taught me…

    • Perseverance, so many days I wanted to use my one day I could miss but I didn’t miss one!
    • How to be a good writer, reading so many posts from some amazing writers really helped.
    • Creativity, I learned how to express myself in many different ways.
    • Journaling gave me the opportunity to write about some things in my head.
    • That I can do anything I put my mind to.

    Thank you to all the amazing writers that taught me so much. I have enjoyed this experience so much that I am planning on doing it again. I have gone from thinking why would anyone want to write every day for a month to knowing I will do it again.

  • Socialization… (day 29)

    Before my eyes, my students are growing up. These last few years have been hard on all of us. For my students, they missed out on how to socialize and act appropriately. The beginning of the year was different than any other. My students’ behavior was very immature. The year went on and some of them began to realize that this wasn’t acceptable any more.

    For one student in particular, this was more of a challenge. It was challenging because he is very bright and has a lot of background knowledge on many of the topics we covered in science. He would blurt out, not just the answers, but just to talk to other people in class. He would mess around with the lab equipment and not always follow directions.

    The Friday before we left for Spring Break, he told me I should write a post about how he has gone from annoying to pleasant. I then ask him why he thinks this happened. He told me it was because of my student teacher. When both of us were in the room, he didn’t have the opportunity to misbehave. I also think that we were able to give him the attention he needed during class.

    I am hoping that by the end of the year I have taught them how to age appropriately behave and socialize.

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  • HELP… (day 28)

    I remember when all I wanted was time to myself. Being a mom of two young children is a lot of work. With my two boys out of the house, I am trying to help out my best friend by giving her some time. She will not be all alone but I will be with her. Her children love coming to my house. They love my two dogs and love the fact that at my house they can take loooong bubble baths.

    We are planning on taking them swimming at Lifetime, making slime and playing games. All in the hopes of tiring them out so they go to bed early. This will be the time she has to relax, drink some wine and talk to an adult.

    I wish more parents would ask for help. This does not make you weak but strong because you know what you need. When did it become popular to be so busy and look like you have it all together? I would like to make it popular to remove three items from your to do list each day and still go to bed feeling accomplished. I would like to make it popular for mothers to ask other mothers for help.

    Cheers to all the moms out there keeping it all together. Please remember it is ok to ask for help and to let some things go undone!

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  • The Bare Tree… (day 27)

    They say our lives mirror the ebbs and flows of the seasons. The trouble with this is that we all want our lives to be in a constant state of spring and summer, new beginnings and warm days. However, even the strongest person could not maintain this perfection. We all need time to rejuvenate and clean out the things that no longer serve us.

    It is during this time, the winter months, when we may be able to see things more clearly. If we stand on top of a hill during the summer and look around we would see a lush sea of green, making it difficult to know what beauty lies beneath. Fall will come and the leaves will die, giving us a better view of the beauty below the next time we are on the hill.

    Just like the seasons, we too need time to clear out the clutter to be able to see the true beauty that lies within. The harder we work during the winter months to let go, the more space will be available for the grace and refinement we were meant to be.

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  • Underground… (day 26)

    We all look forward to spring and the colorful flowers that make their way to the surface to finally show their radiate beauty. What we never stop to think about is all the work and effort that happened underground to make this happen. We recently planted seeds in my science class as a hook for discussing photosynthesis. What the students soon realized is that the seeds did not sprout overnight or the next night. The seeds took 10-15 days to break through the dirt. Once it broke through the dirt we will still need to wait for it to flower to produce anything for us to eat.

    This was my journey after my divorce. There was A LOT of work that needed to be done underground. No one can see the hard work I am doing beneath the surface. Some days I feel like I will drown to death from the stream of disappointment, other days aren’t so bad. There are many days that I wonder if I will ever see the beautiful flower bloom.

    This story was inspired by my students because I was out of ideas of what to write about so I asked them for topics. One of them said I should write about my divorce and how it crushed me and how much stronger I am. I am very open and honest with my students and let them know I struggle too. I am happy to know that she believes I am a much stronger person now and should be proud of the journey and outcome. She proved to me that I have bloomed into a beautiful flower.

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  • Dream job… (day 25)

    Ever since my son could pick up a ball and bat his dream has been to play major league baseball. He pitches for Lewis University but has realized this dream may not come true. I know he will be successful because he has many other talents. One of them is his quick wit and ability to find the right meme or gif to text. When he started Lewis, he enter undeclared. He took many different classes until he decided to major in communication. He has since narrowed this to journalism.

    Recently a young couple moved in above me. They are a nice addition to our building. As I was getting to know them better I found out that Andy works for Marquee Sports Network, the television home of the Chicago Cubs. More specifically, he is in charge of the Tweets and social media put out by the Cubs. I asked him if they ever hire interns for the summer. He said yes and sent me the link for Matt to apply.

    Next week Matt will be interviewing for a position I know was made for him. This would be a great way for him to still be a part of the world he loves and make money doing it! I am asking everyone who reads this to send positive vibes his way so his dream job may become a reality. Working for the Chicago Cubs! Thank you and I will keep you posted.

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  • Organization Nightmare… (day 24)

    Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am a very organized person. I have a friend that gives me important papers to hang on to for them so they don’t lose them before they need them. I have had other friends that have paid me to come over and help them organize their crawlspace. Some times my organizational skills have a disadvantage.

    Last year I put away my Spring/Easter decorations. When I did, I reorganized my storage area. I have been looking for them for the last two weeks. I still haven’t found them. I have looked in all the “usual” spots with no luck. I am coming to a time when I am just going to go and buy new decorations. This is not what I want to spend my money on but I host Easter and would like something out for when guest come. I know as soon as I do buy more decorations, I will find the ones I put away.

    Is there such a thing as being too organized?

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  • What did I REALLY learn?… (day 23)

    This may be a weird question coming from a teacher but have you ever wondered, “What do we REALLY learn in school?” I have been asking myself this question as I see some of the teachers in my building get SO angry at one another about what to teach and how. Is what we teach our student SO important that we are willing to ruin friendships or working relationships over?

    I want you to stop and think, “What do you remember learning in middle school?” Then think, “What do you remember learning in college?” I am not saying we didn’t learn ANYTHING. All I am saying is that it is not worth the amount of energy being expired to get mad at another teacher over.

    I remember learning how to get along with other people and work together to solve a problem. I believe that these skills should be the MOST import skills taught. I also remember that when I got my first job in the Food Industry, I had to learn everything I needed for my job on the job.

    In the end does it matter that the slide isn’t perfect or the the strategy to teach setting or theme isn’t the one you would use? We need to remember our students can sense the tension in our room which makes them tense. I want my students to see a community of teachers working together like we ask of them.

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  • Retirement… (day 22)

    Because of my age, many people have been asking me when am I retiring? When they ask, they are surprised by my answer. I can’t retire for awhile because this is my second career. Many people don’t know that before I taught science, I actually was a scientist. This question does have me thinking about what I would do once I did retire.

    One thing is for certain, I want to work after I retire. It may be volunteering at a food pantry or soup kitchen but not everyday. It may also be something more involved like working at Starbucks. For some reason I think it would be fun to work there. Whatever the job, it will be something to keep my busy. I don’t want to just sit at home and have nothing to do.

    I would also like to travel but I also understand I need to do this now when I have the body and mind to do such. I would love to go somewhere to see the Aura Borealis. I would also like to spend the summer traveling to all the different baseball parks in the US. My number one stop would be Boston to see the Green Monster.

    By the time I can retire, I am hoping to be a grandmother. I plan on seeing my grandchildren and much as possible and helping my boys out as much as they need or want.

    Whatever I do I hope I am in good health and of sound mind!

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